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Zoe is an Intuitive Sound Healer and Energy Worker. She uses sound and her intuitive abilities to move energy and bring the body into a state of balance. Zoe's gifts were shown to her early when she was young. She has been singing melody since before she could speak words, and ever since, her life has been devoted to the magic of sound. At the young age of 7, she began training classically and performing live for crowds of thousands. She experimented with many genres of music, and continued to perform professionally throughout her adolescence. Zoe moved to California to receive her Bachelors in Music at California State University Long Beach, and deepened her studies in Opera. 

After four years of rigorous vocal studies, Zoe began to experience performance anxiety unlike ever before. She was crippled by a fear that had never escalated in her many years of performing. Her joy of music now triggered panic and anxiety, and her health simultaneously declined. She decided to stop singing for the first time in her life, and began working in fashion. 

A break from music turned into five years of musical silence. During this time, Zoe knew she wanted to return to music, but didn’t know in what capacity. After an accident at work, she was forced to take a medical leave for six months. During this time, Zoe was unable to do many of the daily physical activities she was used to, and instead found Therapeutic yoga and Kundalini yoga.  She deepened her spiritual practices and re-ignited her love for singing, as she came home to her true self. 

The first time Zoe heard the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, Spirit spoke to her; she knew where her future lay.  Zoe is passionate about sound, music, and its ability to heal in a physical, mental, and emotional capacity. Incorporating song and sound in a way that brings healing to others is her joy. Healing through sound is the song of her life.  

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